Our solar installation at Zeebrugge

Because Green Is The New Gold

We are living in a time where your environmental policy is a factor in how your customers perceive your business. When customers ask you to demonstrate your green credentials, how happy will they be that you have carefully selected a transport and logistics partner who shares your vision?

Here at Middlegate Europe we take the environment seriously - very seriously. So much so that our green policy is an integral part of our operating philosophy.

Our modern fleet of long-haul vehicles, some of which use a certified gas/diesel mix*, all meet the strict Euro 5 emissions standard. Through our own green energy provider PerPetum Sun, we have installed solar panels** at all our depots, producing enough green electricity to cover the majority of our needs.

Our goal is to increase environmental awareness by continually striving to lead the way into a greener future.

To find out more about how you can benefit from working alongside us, please call your local sales team.

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How we meet our environmental targets

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